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Good Evening, 
   I'm not one to usually send in a review on a product directly to a company, unless there is a spot on the website for such comments.   However last year I purchased a set of 27" swamp lites for my 2010 Brute Force 650I thinking I would try them out because no one really had that tire in my area, and the price was right.   Needless to say its been a year of mixed terrain and intense use, along with 5500km on the same set of tires and they still have half tread left on them.   They have been abused on shale, pavement (possibly a few smoke shows) , mud, sharp brush, logs, railway spikes, etc and nothing has pierced these tires, nor have they worn down anywhere near where anyone may have expected them to.   They work excellent in any condition and in all extremes of the 4 seasons Canada has to offer, as you can tell with my mileage they get used 12 months of the year.   They have impressed me so much, that so far 4 of the guys we ride with just sold the tires they had on their ATV's and purchased a set of swamp lites.   The next set of tires I purchase if these things ever wear out will be the exact same thing, couldn't ask for a better tire.   Thanks for making such an amazing all around long lasting tough tire,  keep up the good work! 

I recently purchased a set of swamp lites for my 2007 honda rincon, 26x12x10 front and 26x12x12 rear. I just wanted to let your company know that I am very pleased and you have earned yourself a long time customer. These tires have outperformed all other tires on identical machines. Again thanks for making such a great perfoming tire that also looks good. .