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Calculator - Change Tire SizeCalculate the proper gear ratio for a tire size change.

Calculator - Metric Tire Sizes to USCalculate the size of your metric tires to inches.

Calculator - Ring and PinionCalculate your gear ratio using the tooth count on your gears.

Calculator - Speedometer Adjustment for Tire Size ChangeIf you changed the size of your tires but didn't re-calibrate your speedometer, you'll want to know how far off it is. Use this calculator to figure that out.

Gear Ratio / Tire Size TableThis table shows the numeric change when you change your tire size.

Tire Mounting and BalancingThis information helps you in understanding some of the factors involved in proper balancing and that a tire is never 'out of balance' as much as the number of ounces of weight required to 'balance' it using conventional balancing equipment.

Tire MaintenanceThe things you can do to assure getting the long life built into the Super Swamper TSL tires.

Conditions Affecting Tire Wear and Tire MileageThere is always a trade off between performance and tread life in the development of tires. To gain one thing you have to trade off something else. Some brag when they get 15000 miles out of a set of tires because they understand how hard they drive.